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Coordinates Penny Keychain

$ 15.49

2016 US Pennies Now AVAILABLE!!!

This listing includes one lucky US penny key chain hand stamped with latitude and longitude coordinates. These coordinates can signify your first meeting place, where you were married, where you are living, where you vacationed, or anything else you can think of! Penny is attached to a 30mm silver nickel or 30mm copper key ring.

**A maximum of 6 numbers can be stamped for each coordinate or a total of 12 numbers per penny as shown. If more than 6 numbers are included, we will simply stamp the first 6 numbers. Please be sure to find your own coordinates and include them in the correct format at checkout. Examples of acceptable formats are below:

xx.xxxx° N or S
(+ or - ) xxx.xxx° W or E

xx° xx' xx" N or S
xx° xx' xx" W or E

Please include at checkout:
*Specific Coordinates to be stamped