Free Shipping on orders $50+
Free Shipping on Orders $50+

A portion of all sales in November will be donated to local NICU families spending their holidays in the hospital. Our son, Joshua, was born in November of 2010 and spent his first family holidays in the NICU including Thanksgiving and Christmas. With such heavy hearts, it was difficult to enjoy the spirit of the holidays knowing our son was apart from us in the NICU. During our hospital stay, a family, who had since graduated from the NICU, donated gift cards to all the current NICU families, so they could enjoy a Christmas meal outside the hospital. The only restaurant opened on Christmas morning was IHOP, so that is where my husband and I enjoyed our first Christmas morning as a new mom and dad.  It was one of the most memorable meals we had, simply because it was given to us with such brave love. Seven years ago, we started our own tradition, by donating gift cards and handmade jewelry to NICU families, and every year we look forward to giving back to these families who's fragile hearts need love and encouragement.  Thank you for joining our efforts this year! 


April and Josh