vintage floral cuff { silver + gold }

$ 91.00

The perfect meaningful gift for her. This listing features our 14K gold filled or sterling silver cuff bracelet that can be laser engraved with anything you would like. Outside of cuff has a beautiful floral design which creates a brilliant shine. This bracelet is handmade from start to finish making each truly unique. Starting price is for one bracelet. To purchase multiple bracelets, please update qty at checkout.

Bracelet measures approximately 4.5 mm wide by 6.25 inches long and is flexible/adjustable to fit most wrists. Recipient can squeeze and mold bracelet to fit their unique wrist!

Personalized on the inside.

This bracelet is 100% solid sterling silver or 14K yellow gold filled and is nickel and lead free.

There are two options for personalization. Bracelet can be laser engraved with text in your choice of font, or bracelets can be laser engraved with your actual handwriting.

***Things to consider when submitting your handwriting sample:

1. Take a photo of your handwriting in natural light (near window is the best option)
2. Try to keep letters mostly uniform in size (eliminate exaggerated tails on "y" "j" etc). The writing can be larger in overall size if all the letters are more uniform.
3. Focus the cursor on the writing itself, before snapping the photo with your phone. If you zoom into the letters - it should not look fuzzy or pixelated when in focus!
4. The best pen to use is a thin sharpie or gel pen. Both these pens have thicker ink that will show up best on the metal. Using a ballpoint pen (ex. BIC) will give the lightest impression because the ink is so thin.