Hi all! I am so excited to introduce the new 2018 spring collection. Ya'll, this has been a labor of love, from sketching and designing to casting and production, but I have enjoyed the journey.

This bangle design is one of my favorites - so simple to slip on and off and formed by hand so it has that handmade look. 

If I had to sum up this year's spring collection into two words it would be "wild love". Inspired by the many fields of wild flowers near my studio, my pieces are organic in shape, hand sculpted, and free formed. They are perfectly imperfect.

I love watching my kids pick the dandelions in the yard and make a wish. Those little moments are the ones I hope I remember when I am old. The innocence and joy when they make their wish and watch the petals float with the breeze. Its the simple things I love. 

I hope you enjoy and don't forget to follow us on facebook and instagram for free giveaways from our spring collection. To all my chic mamas friends and followers out there, you are so loved, keep spreading the joy.



p.s. As promised, all our items are made and produced in the USA and we are so proud!



I was so much nervous before my marriage. My main reason of nervousness is thinking of how i’am looking in my marriage. That time my mom gave me Indian jewelry. After seeing that my nervousness was gone. Really that is very nice jewelry.

— Ronald I bremer